How do I make a hanging indent on right-aligned text in InDesign?

I am formatting a Hebrew bible in InDesign for my class, but I’m having trouble with making indents in a way that I can apply it to the entire copy.

It currently looks like this:


But I want it to look like this:


Is there anyway (1) to do this easily and (2) apply it to every line in the book? There are over 600 pages and I’d like to avoid doing it manually, if possible. I’ve looked into a number of articles explaining tabs and indents, but I can’t seem to find anything relating to something like this.



There is not much to it. It’s the classic way to style lists in any design or word processing application.

Step 1: You indent the whole paragraph by a certain value, e.g. 20 mm

Step 2: You set a negative indent for first line with the same value, e.g. –20 mm

Step 3: You set a tab stop at the same value (e.g. 20 mm) and use a tab in every first line of the paragraph.

Now everything falls into place perfectly. The text in every first line because of the the tab, all following lines use the paragraph indendation. The figures in every first line are placed correctly through the negative indent.

Source : Link , Question Author : bjayers , Answer Author : opentype

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