How do I make a photoshop action pick a color from the image?

I am trying to capture a photoshop action that requires setting the foreground color by using the color picker at a particular location in the image.

When I record the action, a ‘set foreground color’ operation is recorded, but to a fixed color, the one I have just picked. I want the action to be something like “use picker to capture color at location (x,y)”.

Is there any way to persuade Photoshop (either CS6 or CC) to record this sort of action?


Here is a script which samples the 10,10 pixel location and sets the foreground color:

var docRef = app.activeDocument
var pixelLoc = [UnitValue("10 pixels") , UnitValue("10 pixels")];
var colorSamplerRef = docRef.colorSamplers.add(pixelLoc);
app.foregroundColor = colorSamplerRef.color

You can run the script as part of an action sequence.

Further reading google: “adobe photoshop scripting reference”

Source : Link , Question Author : emrys57 , Answer Author : horatio

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