How do I make a vector dotted ribbon?

I want to make a ribbon / wave of dots in Illustrator like the image below, but keep the perspective of the dots, so they don’t look flat.

I have not had any luck using the blend tool or envelope distort tools. The dots always get distorted or look flat.

Dotted Wave


Blending distorted circles:

  • From two circles located at the ends of the future blend, make three or four distortions following the perspective. More shapes = softer transition.


  • Use the Blend Tool to blend each shape Blend Tool


  • Draw a spine path


  • Select the Blend and the Path and go to Menu Object > Blend > Replace Spine

enter image description here

  • Use the Group Selection Tool to select each shape and rotate or scale following the spine
  • Duplicate the blend and replace the spine with different paths

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : pattyboylmz , Answer Author : Community

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