How do I make it so that brush stroke is part of mask?

This is probably an easy thing to answer but I’m trying to make a simple image mask with a brush stroke type mask

I have a basic shape with a artistic brush stroke:

enter image description here

But when I try Object > Clipping Mask > Make the stroke is ignored and only the shape is use as the mask:

enter image description here

I want the mask to have a brush stroke edge, if that makes sense.

I’ve tried the the various Pathfinder options but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m using Illustrator 5.1


The stroke is dynamic and not a part of the shape itself. One solution could be to do the following:

  • Use Object > Expand Appearance to convert the stroke to paths.
  • Use Pathfinder > Unite to unite the original shape with the stroke.
  • Use Object > Compound Path > Make to convert all the individual smaller paths into one compund path.
  • Select the path and the image and use Object > Clipping Mask > Make to create the clipping mask.

Source : Link , Question Author : Burns , Answer Author : Wolff

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