How do I make objects and text stand out over a busy photo background?

I frequently have to place objects and text on photo backgrounds and some backgrounds make it hard to see the objects.

To get good contrast I will try to pick a background image that has large flat areas to place text and objects.

If that is not available I may try to put colored shapes behind the objects, dark for light text and vice versa.

Additionally I may try drop shadows or glow to set them off, but this is not always an option either.

In this case I have multi colored logos on a green and blue plant background that is busy.

I would like to avoid putting a shape between the objects and the background as it will cover the background.

They are currently shown with a white drop shadow. Two on bottom have a black drop shadow.

enter image description here

Any advice is appreciated.

Here are objects and foreground:

enter image description here
enter image description here


There are a ton of possibilities, all of which depend upon the actual content.

A dark gradient…

enter image description here

A light gradient….

enter image description here

Blur and adjust levels …..

enter image description here

Probably my favorite technique… a band of offsetting color with a mask to promote depth….

enter image description here

Or lower the opacity of the color bar… to make it even more dynamic overall…

enter image description here

I, personally, dislike using things like drop shadows and glows when possible. They have become too “canned” and pedestrian in many areas such as this.

Source : Link , Question Author : Webster , Answer Author : Scott

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