How do I merge these two objects in Inkscape such that the space in between is gone?

I’d like to remove the white space in the screenshot I took of an Inkscape file and merge the two pink objects together into a single object.

enter image description here


To make a united object we may select Path > Union Ctrl+ after we had selected the objects we wanted to unite.

Gaps between objects will remain visible in the united objects. Therefore we have to remove any gaps before we proceed.

This can be done in several ways, depending on the precision we need for the objects or their surroundings:

  1. Move objects until they overlap
    By this the original position of the object will change of course

  2. Move object handles until they snap to the neighboring object’s handle

    • in path mode enter image description hereenable snapping enter image description hereto handles enter image description hereor corners.
    • Drag neighboring handles until they “snap”:

    enter image description here

    • Make a union object Ctrl+.
  3. Create a third object filling the gap (this object can be larger than the gap):

    • It is easier to create such an object when snapping is enabled.

    enter image description here

    • Select all three objects to create a unified object Ctrl+

    enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Josh Pinto , Answer Author : Takkat

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