How do I open a Flash CS6 file in CS5

I know that in CS6, you can save as CS5. But right now, I’m at school on the computers in my design class. I have a file that I made at home in CS6, but I need to open it on my school’s computers that have CS5. How can I do this?

If I can’t do this, can anyone do it for me? Thanks!


You can try with Flannel.

Just drag and drop your Flash CS6 FLA file onto Flannel and it will make a copy and append _CS5 to the file name. That file can be opened in Flash CS5.

Intro paragraph from the above linked page:

Since the FLA format is now XML- and ZIP-based, it’s relatively easy
to unzip the package, open a file, and set the version back so that
the file can be opened in Flash CS5.

Source : Link , Question Author : dubstaphone , Answer Author : horatio

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