How do I print my book using Indesign cs6 and have the pages come out in the right order?

I am trying to print my 4" x 6" book from InDesign CS6 to my home printer. The book has about 100 pages, a perfect bound book with a few front pages and a table of contents.

I want to print the pages in the right order as 2up, centered & double-sided, onto 8.5" x 11" paper which I will then have cut down into individual 4" x 6" pages and bind by hand. The document has facing pages and I am using “print booklet”,e selected 2-up perfect bound and, since my printer doesn’t have automatic duplexing, I am printing the odd pages first then turning the paper over and printing the even pages.

I’ve got everything working except the order of the pages does not make any sense and I can’t figure out why or how to fix it. I did not anticipate this being a complex function! I thought that “print booklet” would handle the page ordering.


Any book or booklet printed must have a page count divisible by 4 at a minimum.

You have a left page and right page on the front, and a left page and right page on the back, totaling 4 pages. This is called a signature. A signature is one sheet of stock/paper with many pages (or folios) on it. When the signature is folded and/or cut it creates the proper pages.

If you do not have a page count divisible by 4, then you need to add blank pages, or delete pages, to make the page count divisible by 4.

It doesn’t matter where you add blank pages or delete pages from, but the indesign document must have the correct page count for the signature.

The overal pages panel should look similar to this for a facing pages document (with the correct number of pages of course):

enter image description here

To use Indesign’s Print Booklet feature, and be able ot print even/odd pages independently follow these steps:

  1. Print to a postscript file
    • Choose print booklet
    • Click the Print Settings button
    • Set the Printer drop down to Postscript file.
    • Make certain all other print settings are correct such as bleeds, rotation, scale, etc.
  2. Open the resulting .ps (postscript) file with Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Acrobat will distill the .ps to a .pdf file.
  4. Save the PDF
  5. Print even/odd pages from the PDF in Acrobat.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lisa , Answer Author : Scott

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