How do I reduce the thickness of 100+ icons in Adobe Illustrator?

First time poster here.

Just to give some context, I have to reduce the size, thickness, and change the color of 100+ different weather icons for a project. Batch resize and change color works fine, but I’m having trouble making these icons thinner.

Top screenshot: how the original, unedited SVGs look in Illustrator. Bottom screenshot is how it looks when I apply the offset path of -3px. No difference, right? (I selected all the objects within the layer so you can see their strokes)

enter image description here

I searched online and only found one solution so far, which is to use “offset path” and enter a negative value, in this case, I entered -3px. I did this, but as you can see, a compound path (the thinner icon) would instantly be created, while the original icon is left untouched.

Now, here’s how it looks it when I hide the original icon layer (sun):

enter image description here

The problem I’m facing is that I tried recording all of these steps and Illustrator can’t record the action of hiding the icon with regular thickness.

That being said, how can I reduce the thickness of 100+ of these icons? Is there a way to record the action of hiding/deleting the original image after applying -3px offset path? Is there a way to make these icons thinner without creating an additional compound path?



Offset Path always leaves the orignial unaffected and adds the transformed path as a copy on top. You can take advantage of the fact that the transformed path that is generated is selected by default and the original isn’t.

Assuming your icon is the only thing in the file and you want to offset everything, your action should be set up like this:

  1. Select All (cmd+A)
  2. Offset Path (Object → Path → Offset Path…)
  3. Cut (cmd+X)
  4. Select All (cmd+A)
  5. Clear (Backspace/Del)
  6. Paste in Place (cmd+SHIFT+V)

Source : Link , Question Author : Ferjohn Maglalang , Answer Author : Cai

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