How do I remove one side of a shapes outline?

I am trying to make text with 2 different colours. I am trying to also have a white outline on the text.
I know there’s probably a way easier way of doing this.
Can anyone help me remove the middle outline


  • Add a fill to the character via the Appearance Panel
  • Set the fill to be a gradient of your two color
  • Rotate the gradient 90° so its horizontal
  • Select each color stop of the gradient and set the Location to 50%.
  • Add the stroke as desired

enter image description here

Note you don’t have to use 50% for the gradient stop location, but both stops need to be in the same location. If you want one color to fill more of the character, then merely change the Location setting for both gradient stops. Just be sure both stops have the same location value.

This is also live type so the character can be changed and the appearance will remain.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Oli , Answer Author : Scott

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