How do I remove parts of a SVG that aren’t on the page?

I downloaded this file from Wikimedia Commons (1) but there’s a heap of the picture that doesn’t fit on the document page and I’d like to know I can cut what doesn’t fit on the page off so that it no longer appears in the SVG. Here is a screenshot illustrating what I mean. enter image description here


To make a downloaded SVG fit the page in Inkscape we have two options:

1. Clip the image to the page dimensions

  • Import the SVG to a predefined page size

    enter image description here

  • Draw a rectangle filling the whole page (or the area we want to clip out of the SVG):

    enter image description here

  • Select both, the imported object(s), and the clipping rectangle
    (or choose Edit > Select all Ctrl + A)

  • Choose Object > Clip > Set to clip to the size of the rectangle

    enter image description here

Note that clipping will only define what parts of an object will be displayed but it will not remove the objects outside the clipped area. Any clipping can be undone by selecting Object > Clip > Unset.

2. Adjust page size to the imported objects (or a selection)

  • Choose File > Document Properties Shift + Ctrl + D
  • On the Page Tab open the Resize page to content and choose Resize page to drawing or selection

    enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Josh Pinto , Answer Author : Takkat

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