How do I replicate this (3D) metal texture?

I work with 3D models. I’m currently trying to replicate this solid kind of surface texturing as accurately as possible:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

This is what I got by using chrome texturing. It’s not close enough, there’s too much shine and mirroring:

enter image description here

Can anyone recommend a more fitting texture as basis?


OK- I will weigh in here – you’re in my wheelhouse.

Point 1 – the material.

Your chrome shader’s specularity is far too distinct – to get that satin metal texture (not brushed, which has distinct machining lines) you need to soften your specularity. You can do this with increased roughness, a specularity map which is grey versus black or white, or by finding appropriate pre-made materials in your 3D DCC (Digital Content Creation) tool of choice.

A better route you could take would be to opt for a more powerful material / shader solution using PBR methods (Physically-Based Rendering) such as Allegorithmic Surfaces: given you mention both Maya and C4D, I think this last option might be a good move for you longer term.

Note that the hammer & sickle on map shot has visible dirt, scale and low-quality brushed-surface grain on the material – if it was a render versus a practical shot, then they used a PBR material which was very well set up with dirt layers – again, probably an Allegorithmic Surface or a Quixel Mixer scan to material.

TL;DR: you need realistic PBR materials to get photoreal renders.

Point 2 – the lighting & environment

The other big difference in your setup is that all the other images you showed had good solid 3 or 4 point lighting setups on a solid light-coloured (high albedo) surface with GI, rim lights, pops and so on – your render is on a dark or no background, looks like no GI, and has one keylight and possibly a reflector (or that might be the HDRI environment) but is definitely not a carefully-set-up shot.

I’d start with the materials, but I’d also build yourself a template scene file which is set up as a photography / render studio, with lights and reflectors or at least a decent set of studio HDRI environments.

Couple examples of some of what I was talking about above:

Non-PBR but decent looking metal with spec and roughness maps, scratch maps etc – mine from several years back:
enter image description here

Recent image on Stephane Fontaine’s Art Station showing Allegorithmic Substance Source material:
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : ChrisBean , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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