How do I save an SVG that’s on a website to my computer?

I need to work with a logo from this website (in the top left corner):

enter image description here

Here is the piece of code I copied from the page:

<svg viewBox="0 0 215 50" height="50" width="215" xmlns=""><path d="M128.783 40.08v7.74h2.078v-5.66h18.843v5.66h2.08v-7.74h-3.322V5.82h-14.017c0 14.588-.467 23.26-2.596 34.263h-3.064zm-43.58 2.08h4.154V5.82h-4.153v3.116l-9.138 24.352V5.818h-4.153V42.16h4.153v-3.114l9.138-24.35v27.465zm-22.842 0h4.36l-6.904-21.08 4.83-15.262h-2.13l-4.88 15.263H52.08V5.82h-4.155V42.16h4.156v-19h4.048l6.233 19zm71.562-2.08c1.764-10.433 2.492-18.842 2.598-32.186h7.783V40.08h-10.38zm74.6 2.08h4.31L204.894 5.82h-4.31l.88 4.206-6.852 32.137h2.13l2.59-12.097h6.548l2.643 12.098zm-169.574 0h4.31L35....8zm147.355 0h4.158V5.82h-13.968v2.076c-.05 8.05-.414 18.12-1.143 23.204-.466 3.066-1.61 5.508-3.532 5.508v5.555c3.588 0 4.623-4.83 5.246-9.24.936-6.752 1.4-16.976 1.506-25.025h7.732V42.16zM159.88 7.896h9.347V5.818H155.73V42.16h13.497v-2.08h-9.348V20.564h7.265v-2.076h-7.266V7.895zm-59.1 0h9.34V5.818H96.626V42.16h13.496v-2.08h-9.34V20.564h7.266v-2.076h-7.265V7.895zm-96.2 0h8.306v34.267h4.152V7.895h8.306V5.818H4.58v2.077zm28.396 6.023l2.858 14.067h-5.66l2.802-14.067zm169.58 0l2.853 14.067h-5.66l2.807-14.067z"></svg>

I’m not very skilled in this, but have already tried pasting it to a text file with further saving as “.svg”, but all in vain.

(Maybe something is wrong with the tags)

PS: Everything’s okay with the copyright! I just can’t contact the other designer from this site to ask for a vector right now.


You can run this code on your javascript console:

var e = document.createElement('script');
e.setAttribute('src', ''); 
e.setAttribute('class', 'svg-crowbar');

or use this bookmarklet. Worked perfectly for me:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Aksana Zinchanka , Answer Author : DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ

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