How do I select multiple paths in inkscape?

I’m trying to figure out an easy way to select multiple paths in inkscape 0.48, ubuntu.

I’ve read in Inkscape (4th Edition) by Bah, that you can left drag and a rectangle will display and select the objects within the mouse (pg. 135). The rectangle appears but nothing is selected or only 1 path will be selected. (For reference, I’ve seen this action described in some documentation as “rubber-band selecting”).

I’ve also tried the Alt+Left Mouse Drag: “Touch Select Multiple Objects: This will select all objects that the mouse cursor touches
while being dragged….
multiple paths as found in engravings or hair. Holding the Shift down will prevent dragging an already selected
object if the drag begins over that object.” This isn’t working because I’m on linux and there’s a key conflict.

I have made sure that the paths are on the same layer and I am able to select them and manipulate them if I click on each of them while holding shift.

Any other suggestions ?

Grouping them will enable me to select multiple paths at a time, but I don’t want to click on every path in order to create the group in the first place.


You are using the correct procedure to select multiple paths, but there’s an aspect to consider, you need to have the rectangle covering the entire portion of each path intended to be selected:


Notice that the rectangle covers the three desired paths completely, covering all of their edges.

Source : Link , Question Author : Will , Answer Author : Zuul

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