How do I shift/remap one range of colors to another in Photoshop?

I have attached an image to hopefully explain better, but if say I have an image that ranges from color ‘A’ to ‘C’, and I want it to range from ‘B’ to ‘D’ instead – what is the best method?

I’m sure it has something to do with color range or similar. I’m aware of the Hue + Colorise method, but it doesn’t allow me to pick the end point colors (B and D).

(Also ignore the shadow in the image.)

enter image description here


try these

1 – go to layers> new adjustment layer>gradient map and apply yourcolors.

Gradient map
i tried a lil to show you the thing,adjust your color scheme accordingly 🙂

2 – image>adjustment>replace color

Source : Link , Question Author : Chris , Answer Author : Jack

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