How do I tell Photoshop to preserve the RGB color of fully-transparent pixels when exporting as PNG?

I’m having a problem with how Photoshop handles completely-transparent pixels when exporting as PNG, which is that the red, green, and blue color channels of any completely-transparent pixels are saved as 0 instead of the color that I define in Photoshop.

For example: I have a PSD file with a layer mask. Some colored portions of the image are made completely transparent by the layer mask, but I still want the original color channels to be written to the PNG file instead of just 0.

(Yes, the PNG format itself does contain RGB data even for fully-transparent pixels. This is a problem with Photoshop, not PNG.)

If you’re wondering why having color data matters when a pixel is completely transparent, then here are a couple of use cases:

  • The PNG is being sampled at a higher resolution than it is saved as and the sampled values are interpolated between neighboring pixels. This can result in a faint black “halo” around the image if the interpolation isn’t weighted by transparency. (In my case, this up-sampling is being done on the GPU, which for performance reasons does not weigh by transparency.)
  • The red, green, blue, and alpha channels in the PNG file are being used for purposes other than storing color information. (In my case, I use all four channels to store data needed for real-time lighting computations.)

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I’m going to try to explain the problem I’m having with use of some visual aids. Showing transparent things is hard, but hopefully this makes my problem clearer:

I have a PSD file with one layer and a layer mask. The color layer looks like this:

enter image description here

Its layer mask looks like this:

enter image description here

If I export this PSD file as a PNG, I get this:

enter image description here

(The white regions are indeed transparent; they just look white against the white background.)

You may be wondering: What’s the problem? That looks right! Well, the problem is with the color information stored in those transparent pixels. Using a tool to strip out the opacity data from the PNG while leaving the RGB intact, we can see the color information that Photoshop saves to the transparent pixels:

enter image description here

As you can see, Photoshop has replaced the color information in the transparent pixels with black. Whereas, with the opacity data removed from the PNG, I want it to look exactly like the original color layer:

enter image description here


I found a solution! The SuperPNG plugin will preserve the RGB values for transparent pixels as long as you leave the “Clean Transparent” option unchecked.

Source : Link , Question Author : Walt D , Answer Author : Walt D

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