How do I transfer use of Typekit fonts from one designer to another?

This wording of this question might be confusing so I’ll try the best I can so that everybody can understand what I am trying to ask..

Right now, I am designing a school wide magazine publication using TypeKit fonts. I won’t be around forever and when I do leave as the designer, someone will have to inevitably take over my position. And that’s where my main concern lies.

The InDesign file that I’ve designed utilizes a TypeKit font family for almost every typographic facet (if not all..) and I am anticipating that the next designer will probably not have paid for Adobe TypeKit, rendering the work unusable.

So, is there ABSOLUTELY ANY WAY that one (i.e. me) designer who has used TypeKit in their files transfer use so that another designer who does not have TypeKit still able to design using those same fonts? ABSOLUTELY ANYWAY?


You can’t transfer the fonts without cheating, breaking the law, or paying for them.

The school should have a license. If the school can’t afford it, then you as the designer should have asked about this and chosen free fonts to avoid exactly this situation. It’s your responsibility as the designer to make yourself aware of the cost and copyright issues around all materials you use. The client (school, in this case) can choose what it wants, but that should be an informed decision.

My suggestion to you is either (a) convince the school to get a Creative Cloud/Typekit subscription, which it should be able to do at a reduced educational price, or (b) start redesigning now with free fonts which have no commercial license restrictions, so that when you leave, it’s no longer an issue.

Source : Link , Question Author : M. Nguyen , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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