How do I transform 2 anchor points at the same time in Illustrator?

Recently, I’ve seen a video where the guy makes a pyramid by selecting both upper anchor points of a square, and then clicking and dragging with some tool, converging both points to the center. How do I do that? Is it a CC specific tool?


You can transform selected anchor points using the Free Transform Tool. You do not have to transform an entire shape.

I’ve seen the video. However, I don’t recall the exact part you are posting about and I’m not going to scour the video for that half second clip. But, with the Free Transform tool you can make a perspective transform which will bring two points together.

enter image description here

You can either select the two anchor points and just move them inward or you can use the perspective transform item on the Free Transform HUD (there’s also a somewhat complicated modifier key combo you can use). Either way provides the same alteration.

If you disable the Bounding Box (View > Hide Bounding Box) and force yourself to use the Free Transform Tool instead, you’ll find many more things you can do which the Bounding Box can’t. Unfortunately, I think the Bounding Box itself causes users to not explore other tools. The only unique thing the Bounding Box does is easily resize area text boxes, beyond that the Bounding Box is honestly not needed.

Source : Link , Question Author : Marcelo Dos Anjos , Answer Author : Scott

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