How do I use Save For Web in a Photoshop Automate Batch Action?

I have recorded an action in which I do the following:

  1. Auto tone
  2. Size 640 width
  3. Save for web
  4. Close without saving

I open a bunch of files and try to automate batch with this action. I say source opened files, destination none.

For many years I did this same thing and it worked. Now I buy the latest version (CS6) and it is broken. It fails to get the filename from the original for each exported file, and exports all images with the filename recorded in the action, overwriting all of them but the last one which is all that is in the folder when it is done. I am used to this exporting all of the images and giving them all the names of the original image. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug?


I was facing the similar situation. And found the solution myself. Just check your filename. Use valid character and remove numbers which appear at the beginning of filename. Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : mije

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