how do you change jpeg export quality in Sketch?

e.g. if i want to export a jpeg at 80%, how do i do that in it appears to export at 96% by default.



there is a much more simple way of doing this. when you hit export and the file prompt shows up, click options, and you are presented with options including quality

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after some investigation, i discovered you are able to do this via os x’s command line defaults tool:

to lower the quality:

$ defaults write com.bohemiancoding.sketch3 JPGQuality -string "0.6"

you can reset it to the default of 0.9:

$ defaults write com.bohemiancoding.sketch3 JPGQuality -string "0.9"

i also learned that a variety of things can affect JPEG quality, so the percentage i set in sketch doesn’t line up exactly with the quality reported by imagemagick’s identify tool.

you can see Sketch’s configurations by running this command:

$ defaults read com.bohemiancoding.sketch3

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