How do you change the color of multiple shape layers at once in Photoshop?

I have a series of shape layers that I am using to create a logo.

These shape layers are not directly above or below each other. Instead, they are spaced out between a series of other shape layers. I can’t move these layers, nor can I move the layers above or below them (because the design’s structure won’t let me do that).

How do I change the color of multiple layers (shape/vector layers) at the same time?

I can change the colors individually but it’s such a tedious task, and with clients asking for color changes constantly, I was wondering if there was a quicker way.

This is what my layers look like


  1. Select the Shape Layers by Pressing CTR key
  2. Select any Shape Tool from tools palette
  3. Choose Shape from option palette
  4. Choose color from option palette you want to put in all selected shape layers

This will surely work

For more help see this Video

Source : Link , Question Author : wherepixelscometodie , Answer Author : bapugraphics

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