How do you export the original image that was inserted in a Sketch document?

I’ve inserted a few JPEG images for backgrounds into a Sketch document, and now I want to get the full-resolution images out to use on the web. I don’t want to export the JPEG into another JPEG, compressing the image yet again, but that is the only method that I can find.I don’t trust Sketch’s JPEG optimization to be as good as PS’s since it isn’t specifically a raster editor.

Is there a way to access the original images placed into the document, and “copy and paste” them out, as opposed to “export as a new JPEG”?


  1. Make a duplicate of your Sketch file
  2. Rename the file extension from .sketch to .zip
  3. Extract the zip file
  4. Find your image in the /images subfolder of the newly created folder

Source : Link , Question Author : elliottregan , Answer Author : Nikola

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