How do you extract a color from a gradient in Illustrator?

I want to grab one of the colors from a gradient, and turn it into a solid color swatch.


Just to be precise, I want to get the color of one of the ‘nodes’ in the gradient. So if a a gradient goes from red to blue, I might want to grab the exact color blue from the blue node – i’m not wanting to grab any of the inbetween colors.


If I understand you correctly; you can click on the little arrow in the gradient tab, that represent the colour you want to find:
enter image description here


Or, you could select the gradient object, and click the “create new colour group” at the bottom of the swatch window. This will give you a colour group with all the “main” colours in your gradient:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Graham Nicol , Answer Author : benteh

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