How do you handle a client who doesn’t like a stock photo

I am creating a flyer for a gym. The client has given me very little details in what they expect. I provided the design, they like it but they want to use a different photo. I would prefer to handle this situation and future ones where we aren’t constantly going back and forth about images.


How do you handle a client who doesn’t like the photo you used in the design?

My thoughts

You do not have to answer the below thoughts specifically.

  • Is it unprofessional to send a client a link to a stock website and let them choose?

  • Do you use a watermark image in the initial proof?

  • Do you save multiple images in a folder and send that along with the proof?


It’s always best to show a client photo options in the context of the design. Trying to show images separately from your layout is akin to asking your client to composite the design in their head, which I recommend against.

Using watermarked images is standard practice in mocking up a design, just like “Lorem Ipsum” and “TK” are for copy, and is a part of every graphics department I’ve seen.

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