How do you overcome indecision when designing for yourself?

I am a successful freelance web designer. I find client projects easy, I usually hit the nail on the head first time for 90% of the design work I do – regardless of what style it is: boutique cake shops, regional waste management companies, dog trainers, public healthcare services.

But when it comes to my own web design business website I can’t decide on style, layout, typography, colour scheme, logo, image. I guess it’s a form of designers’ block.

Do any other designers have this problem? If so how do you overcome it?


Every designer has the problem, but…

That cake business, yeah you didn’t get it right the first time. The dog trainer? Nope you didn’t get it perfect either. You know what did happen? You got something up and running that was good enough. They don’t care if the UX isn’t flawless, the design isn’t cutting edge, and the markup isn’t beautiful… whatever that means.

They care about it getting done well enough so it looks professional and conveys their goals. You have to figure out what “good enough is” and follow their lead. If you obsess over every detail you’ll never get anything up and running. Get something good enough up, you can improve later ( and improve does not mean tear down and start over).

Source : Link , Question Author : johncarter , Answer Author : Ryan

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