how do you plan your teams collective design output in a decentralised workflow

I work with a creative team that designs banners for the homepage and landing pages in an e-commerce website and app. These banners are in fixed placements and the campaigns in each of these banners make up the overall look and feel of the page. each of these banners has significant monetary value tied to what content they display.

The current workflow is set up such that creative banners done by separate designers are scheduled to ‘live times’ by a tool.

The problem with this setup from a design planning perspective is that, compared to say, when a single person designs a full page (where they get to see how everything will look in the final result), is here no one actually gets to see how the pages will look with each combination of banners until it actually goes live.

we’ve had a few strange combinations show up from time to time. because of this lack of pre-planning in our workflow. (think an online version of this. well, not this bad, but something along the lines of unexpected outcomes that don’t compliment each otherenter image description here

This is an issue if you want to set a direction of how the whole page will look overall. Being able to preview how each of the major pages would look like as a whole with the scheduled creative banners placed in could improve the outcomes. right now it seems like team members just accept things as it is.

What could be a possible solution to overcome this? Either a revised workflow or a software or web-based tool(of course there’s a manual way to do this)?. And what are the benefits (other than the obvious) of being able to plan ahead?


I think we should frame this problem as one of quality control. Since pairs of poorly contrasting banners detract from the quality of the page, plus from each other. So how to assure quality?

I cannot see how it can be automated. Unless the banners are somehow always referencing a particular thing. Say your company deals with (as per your example) “Burgers” and “Diabetes”. In that, unlikely, case ads could be tagged (filename prefix for example) with an appropriate code, and programmatically prevented from displaying at the same time. Likewise, if they are always two colours and you want the same colours etc.

More likely your ads sometimes don’t fit together because of clashing colours, copy, or visual design. If that is the case, then only manual review will solve the problem.

I would suggest the appointment of a “QA Manager” (pick a job title!), and then build a delay into your workflow (say 24 hours) plus a review system.

Thus your designers submit ads for “tomorrow”, from which the tool generates a preview which is reviewed and signed off by the QA Manager. Only pairs of ads which have been reviewed and signed off are ever shown.

In fact, you could easily build a week or more of delay into the system. This would let the QA Manager contact the designers and let them know that they need to submit an alternative ad for “Day 5” of the campaign.

The takeaway here is: The final page needs to be reviewed, in draft form, by someone responsible for the page before it is published live.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ameen Akbar , Answer Author : mayersdesign

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