How do you present interactive webdesign?

The interactivity becomes more and more presents in our design for the web, but has anyone found a good way to presents the interactivity to the client ?
I talk mainly about the small animations like these one:

  • A hover on a button
  • An effect on the navbar when the user scroll,
  • An element on the design that move when the user scroll
  • A popup opening
  • An infobox that appears when the user click/hover an element

I havn’t yet found a way that I really like. I’m curious about how you guys do it.


This really depends on your workflow. Keep in mind that lots of web designers these days forego the use of any graphic software and design directly in their browser. That way, you present your designs in a browser, where they will end up. Clear an concise.

If you do use static mockups in any part of your workflow, you could always create a small dynamic mockup in a browser just to show the interactive parts you’re planning.

The option I usually take is to present interactive elements in my webdesign at a later stage than the static visual design. Once static design is agreed upon, I start coding and use a preview site to present the interactive parts of the design. With the customer’s input, that preview site quickly develops into the actual product.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chuck , Answer Author : Vincent

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