How do you save an Animated GIF file using Photoshop?

I am making a .gif file in Photoshop CS5. While saving this animation, I used the steps = File > Save for web & devices > Preset= GIF 128 Dithered > GIF > Save. After saving the .gif file it does not show the animation.
So what is wrong with the procedure?


  • The file must have a Timeline or Frame sequence. (Window > Timeline)
  • You need to set the animation options in the Save for Web dialog:

animation options

In addition, it is possible to have a quick animation and not see it initially due to speed and duration if the Save For Web options are set to “once”. You may need to reload a page/image to see the animation.

Also, some browsers have an option to disable gif animation. If you’ve done all the above, verify it’s not a browser setting preventing the animation from being visible.

Source : Link , Question Author : pooja , Answer Author : Scott

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