How do you select all members of a group in Inkscape?

How do you select all members of a group in Inkscape without doing this manually?

I have a large and detailed SVG file where manually selecting each member of a group is not practical…

Shortcuts like select all do not enter the groups. The sub menu that appears upon right click on a group shows no selection options.

Also ungroup is not practical due to the lack of a regroup feature in Inkscape.

Best case scenario – an option like select all including group items is a thing…

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If you double click (or hit Ctrl+Enter) on a group, you perform the Enter Group command, which turns the group into a temporary layer (you know that you are entered into the group because in the layer drop down menu now appears the group name).

In this mode, the Select All command act only on the objects of the group (and this should answer to your question).

To exit you can click on an object outside the group (or hit Ctrl+Backspace). See also the link above.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jet Blue , Answer Author : Paolo Gibellini

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