How does a printshop print large solid blocks of colour

For example: a 1.8m banner with a solid red background and white text. How would a printshop go about printing this? Surely they don’t use a liter of red ink.


Screen printing to a vinyl substrate would be your best bet for this size of job.

Let’s say your banner is 1.8m long by 0.6m wide. That gives us a surface area of 1.8m2 or 1,080,000mm2. If the entire banner is printed with red ink using the screen printing process then the thickness of ink might be, say, 15 microns (0.015mm). That gives us a total ink volume of 16,200mm3, or about 0.016 litre.

The screen print process typically lays down a thicker film of ink than other processes, so it is well suited to large solid blocks of colour.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hemi , Answer Author : duncmc

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