How does Apple’s retina display affect sub-pixel rendering?

How will Font Rasterization and Sub pixel rendering be affected with the new retina displays?


If you go to the Accessibility control panel, you can enable a zoom mode that blows up whatever is being displayed. Using this, you can detect subpixel antialiasing because it shows up as color fringes when magnified.

I tried this out and found that, yes, the Retina MacBook Pro does still use sub-pixel antialiasing (when LCD font smoothing is on).

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s even still on if you’re using a scaled resolution! If you use virtual 1680×1050 mode, the computer writes everything to a 3360×2100 buffer and then scales it down to the 2880×1800 of the display, which of course means any subpixel antialiasing doesn’t actually make sense any more (since it’d get interpolated to colors that don’t necessarily match the subpixel locations any more..)

You’d think this would create weird color fringing artifacts. However, fact is, the resolution is so ridiculously high that I can’t tell at all. Maybe if I had a physical magnifying glass….

Source : Link , Question Author : Gabriel Fair , Answer Author : ToastyKen

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