How does font size translate on a Retina Display in Photoshop?

I was wondering, now that I am designing on a retina display in photophop, I’ve doubled my screen resolution from 72 to 144. I’ve been keeping my document pixel size the same. For example, for ipad (landscape), I’ve set my canvas to 1024×768 pixels.

I am also working at zoomed in at 200%.

I am very confused with regard to font sizes. They seem double the size, so 20 pixel fonts looks small. I’ve read that moving to points instead of pixels will resolve this problem and will translate the best. What do you recommend?

Am I setting up my photoshop document correctly to accommodate this new retina world we live in?

I found this article that seemed insightful but wanted to get group consensus:


I’m sorry for answering super late, I’ve just noticed your mention. I’m the author of the article you link to. There is definitely more than one “professional” way of handling several resolutions, and things have become a bit more mature since I wrote about it.

If you’ve bumped your resolution to 144ppi, you can fix the zoom and size issues by doubling your document’s pixel dimensions, and switching over to points as your unit of measurement. Especially if you have some experience in print design, this will make a lot of sense.

The one I suggest in my article aims for two things: Pixel-precise preview (this helps you), and accurate measurements (this helps developers).

There are other concerns down the line – mainly assets generation. For this, I defer to fellow designer Marc Bjango, who’s written a great article with good focus on production: Designing for the Retina display.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ana B , Answer Author : Lalabadie

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