How is completely matte printing achieved?

I’m working on a colourful publication. Each page has a different coloured design all over it, covering it completely. I want it to be completely matte, but I’m not sure how to achieve that. Here is an example of the look I’m trying to get:

enter image description here

However, in my experience, offset printing always ends up being shiny. Am I right that it is impossible to achieve this through offset printing? How can I achieve the look I’m going for?


The sample you show was printed using offset lithography on uncoated stock. It looks like a small run so it was probably done sheetwise rather than by web.

The finish is matte due to the ink being completely absorbed into the stock.

On occasion, a varnish overcoat can be applied to remove or subdue differences in reflection caused by various thicknesses of ink on the page.

The application of a matte varnish doesn’t appear to be used in this example you show.

The interesting point about your sample is that the stock used was white and the whole page was printed in reverse with the copy in register with the other spot colours.

Nice job.

Source : Link , Question Author : rachel1 , Answer Author : Stan

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