How is it possible to make gradient triangles in Illustrator?

first time question, I’m trying to create a custom piece of fabric consisting of triangles of different colors like the image. The problem I am having is the design I want to make consists of 1.5″ triangles for a 42″ square. I could “manually” fill each shape if they were larger but, being so small it would take forever! I wanted to use a “gradient” similar to the image. Is there a way to do this using a gradient I have already selected an then pixelating it somehow? Thanks it has been stumping me! Detailed instructions if possible!
tatame horizon


Oh, how did I not think of this before: you can absolutely use the Blend tool to create repeating triangles which have solid colors going from one shape to another, and you can duplicate this row and flip it a few times to get a good wall going. Then you can take this power to the next level and duplicate your group of blends, change the colors in harmony using the Recolor Artwork option, and do the blend again to get a large patch of color which can have plenty detailed differences while maintaining a gorgeous color relationship at large!
A single group of blend objects
A large patch made of two groups of already blended objects being blended again with each other

Source : Link , Question Author : Mike Ute , Answer Author : Silly-V

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