How often is the Golden Ratio actually used in modern design?

The Golden Ratio is the stuff of legend (and I believe some derision if Pepsi’s latest logo change is of any indication) and is purported to have been used in many famous projects. My question is two-fold, really: Is the Golden Ratio really a good tool used in modern design (defined here as 20th century on forward), and if so, how often is it used outside of the aforementioned known uses?

EDIT: To @e100’s first comment, examples of modern use of the Golden Ratio would be a great thing to add here if there any documented or arguably conclusive uses of it.


I asked a similar question on the usefulness of the Golden Ratio on the User Interface site. Unfortunately, there isn’t any compelling and objective evidence that the Golden Ratio actually does what everyone says it does, despite the plethora of blog posts about it.

That said, I don’t think that using the Golden Ratio hurts a design. It’s an eye-pleasing proportion and a design always benefits from following a plan.

I don’t have statistics regarding the use of the Golden Ratio, but anecdotally, I think that more logos and websites don’t use it than do. The majority of web designs and logos simply aren’t created by trained designers and so less people will actually be aware of it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Philip Regan , Answer Author : Community

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