How should a graphic pattern be packaged and sold as a digital download?

I’ve learned how to make a seamless digital pattern and since then I’ve been practicing. I feel like I could possibly sell these patterns but I am not sure how I should go about selling my patterns. Below is an image of my design from Society6; these are the types of patterns I am referring to.

Should I sell the .ai file? Should I sell it as a high quality 300ppi jpeg?

I’ve tried to find others doing what I want but the closest I get is seeing people on Etsy selling paper patterns and they sell them as 12″ x 12″, high quality 300ppi images.

I don’t know where else to find answers.

What would be a professional way to package and sell graphic design patterns? Thank you for any help.

enter image description here


Your Question is preety intresting and every one has this question when they start working online.But here’s the fact, you should think as the customers point of view.

Sell your designs to customers according to the customers requirement like the shutterstock do they sell a different range of single product so there rate varies.

Smaller image or Resolution = lesser price

large image or Resolution = More price

and Original file = For Best price

So I recommend you to create a different range for you design and sell them accordingly as I stated above.
But before doing that copyright your Design so the other people can’t buy form you and sell to others

Source : Link , Question Author : Christina , Answer Author : Rishab

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