How should I handle a client when they ask for my opinion about another designer’s work?

I met a client that currently works with a designer whom I don’t know – the client showed me his new logo and asked my opinion about it. I answered that I don’t like “grey on grey background”. That’s all I answered.

Two days later I got an email from the client (He just sent it without prior conversation) with all the sources of another designer’s works and he asked my opinion about the whole bunch of 4 PDFs and their content.

  1. How would you price it (to give an opinion about another designer’s work).

  2. Do you think it is ethical to answer that question (I actually dislike the results, thus I am biased from the beginning. Secondly, I don’t make that kind of designs – i.e. CMYK-based printings etc).

  3. And if you don’t want to answer that question – how can you articulate the rejection?


Well, audit and consulting in graphic design is a very interesting set of services. I would not dodge from this opportunity. Propose to the client your audit services based on a hourly rate.

Just keep in mind – audit is about what they have, what is good and not; and consulting is what about what can be fixed and what can be achieved.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ilan , Answer Author : Vnovak

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