How should I lay out a page made of only a small amount of text?

I’m making a website that only has text, and a small amount.

What would be a good layout for it? Should I put the text in the top left? Center screen? Somewhere else?

The site is a download verification page, a purchase verification page, or a page telling the user his action was completed successfully, etc. About images – There’s no need for them.


About the layout, I’d just simply center align it horizontally. It can be on the top, or in the vertical middle as well, but I’d try to keep it symmetric. If it’s a notification message it’s just suppose to inform of something, so it shouldn’t need that much ‘decoration’.

Having said that, why would you have a whole page just for one notification? Why don’t you use a dialog effect instead, opening a popup on the same page you were before? You can do this using fixed positions and a couple of lines of jQuery. If you need this to be a separate file, you can open the content of the HTML into the dialog.

Source : Link , Question Author : ispiro , Answer Author : Yisela

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