How should I prepare my fonts to support a Chinese version of my website?

Wondering… Should I first make sure the font I selected for English supports Chinese characters as well, or after selecting any font for English then search for other font for Chinese that matches somehow with the first one?

Would it be the same for mobile apps?


I work with Chinese-English prints a lot and usually people use separate fonts for Chinese and English. And like Ryan said, if English uses serif fonts, then Chinese uses serif fonts, same for sans-serif. We don’t use Chinese font for English text because Chinese font is double byte and often will display latin characters in a monospace manner (unattractive for English text).

So to answer your question, I think you should pick each font for English and Chinese. Make sure Chinese font is a standard unicode font, or figure out a way to embed the font (web font?). It will also take a little bit of set up too since you’ll probably have to create a font class (.ENGtext for example) for the English text.

Source : Link , Question Author : Franco , Answer Author : s19nzh

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