How Should One Modulate White Space?

How should one modulate white space within an image, poster, or a logo? Some people say that there should be a certain amount of white space available within an image to make it appealing, while others say that white space should not be used.

  • What would be the best option to control the white space?
  • Are there any guidelines regarding the use of white space in design?


The amount of whitespace is always directly related to neighbouring elements. If the content is very busy (lots of visual information) you should use more whitespace around your logo/image/text. That will isolate it from the surrounding visual information thus making it visible.

Check the everyday leaflets you probably get in your mailbox. They’re usually very busy and contain so much information that you can hardly find anything. Even though they have almost everything.

Go to a shoe shop that sells discount shoes. They have loaded shelves of shoes and some may be nice, but you can’t really see them. Go to a posh shoe store and they put every pair on their own stand to make it visible.

That is effective use of whitespace.

How much of it really?

when it comes to logos/type/images whitespace is most pleasing when there is a multifactor of it compared to the content. If you have an X millimetres wide logotype symbol, then you will probably have X*n or X*phi*n of whitespace around it. Phi being the golden section factor. This will make it natural and not intruding or excessive.

Source : Link , Question Author : JFW , Answer Author : Robert Koritnik

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