How to achieve better consistency with stock / vendor photos taken from different distances?

I’m working on an e-commerce site and one problem I face is having to deal with furniture vendors and the way they shoot their photos.

Some shoot products photos up close and others from far back. This prevents the category pages from looking uniform.

As an example (both are 250 x 250): Versus:

Is my only option using a bigger size for the smaller photos?


This seems like a simple matter of a two step workflow.

  1. Crop all images to allow the same amount of white space around the
  2. Resize the images after the crop so they are all the same size.

That should get all the images the same.

enter image description here
enter image description here

(These are smaller because I only had your 250×250 images to work with)

Source : Link , Question Author : Bitter , Answer Author : Scott

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