How to add a solid black border around a layer when it is under a Hue/Saturation Layer in photoshop?

I have a Layer which i have adjusted Hue/Saturation with a Hue Saturation Layer in CS 5.1 . I want a solid black border around it. Now when i go to apply stroke to it in blending options, the stroke gets Hue corrected too and its not coming as a solid black border. I know that one work around is to create separate black border layers and keep on top of the hue saturated layers. Is there a better way ? I have added images for clarity.

These squares are all separate layers.


I need to have a solid black border around each of these boxes. But currently the layers are stacked like this.

shot 2

So if try to use stroke around it, i get something like this instead of a solid black border.

shot 3

Is there a way to get a solid black border around these tiles ?


Based on comments….

Command/Ctrl-Shift-Click each layer thumbnail for the shapes (Layer 2, Layer, 3, layer 4 copy 2, etc.)

This will load each layers transparency as a selection. The Shift key will add to the current selection. So, with each Command/Ctrl-Shift-Click on a layer thumbnail, you should see the current selection grow by that layer’s shape.

Do this for all the layers containing the shapes.

Now, New layer above the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer.

Fill the selection with a color (any color)

Set the Fill to 0% on the Layers Panel.

Choose Layer > Layer Style > Stroke

Play with the stroke settings to get what you want.

That should do it if I understand what you’re after.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pradep , Answer Author : Scott

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