How to add an anchor point/node in Figma?

How do I add an anchor point to an existing vector shape in Figma? Is this possible, like in sketch? Is there a keyboard shortcut?


Of course thats possible:

  1. Ensure ‘Snap to Geometry’ is checked in Figma preferences (otherwise it is very difficult to precisely hover over the path to add the point).

  2. Make sure you have nothing selected on the canvas and the selected tool is the Move-tool (Shortcut: V).

  3. Make a double click on the existing vector shape to get into the vector editor mode.

  4. Select the Pen-tool from the toolbar (Shortcut: P).

  5. Hover over the path of the vector shape where you want to add the anchor point, until a little + sign appears next to the cursor.

  6. Then click on the path to add the new anchor point.

  7. Press ESC to abort the drawing of a line from the newly added anchor point.

  8. You can now switch back to the Move-tool (V) to select and transform the anchor point.

For better understanding I made a short screencast of the actions:

Screencast of how to add an anchor point to a vector shape in figma

Source : Link , Question Author : Ibraheem Ahmed , Answer Author : Peter Odum

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