how to add different colors to multiple segments in a circle

I have created a circle and divided it into 4 sections via the pen tool.

My problem is that I am unable to completely fill the 4 sections in 2 different colors. Section 1 & 3 need to be completely in green while section 2 & 4 completely in blue. Right now what I am getting is clear in the attached image. What is the best possible solution to add color as required? Adding screenshot of the layers I am using as well.

I started using illustrator 2 days ago and one of the first things I have learnt is the pen tool and how to create such a circle in it hence quite new to this tool and domain 🙂enter image description hereenter image description here

As per the first solution provided by WELZ I was able to get the desired color in segment 2 but 1,3 & 4 get colored by the same color when I want to add color to them individually as instructed in WELZ’s solution.

enter image description here


The reason I’m adding another answer, is that this doesn’t answer the question, but is a much simpler way to (symmetrically) create the shape you are making:

(This method would also avoid the issue in the first place)

  1. Create your circle using the Ellipse Tool
  2. Duplicate your circle and resize it to 50%
    Now create 4 clones of this smaller shape (Ctrl+C : Ctrl+F) x4
  3. Move your 4 shapes 1 in each direction (to line up with the end of the bigger circle)
  4. Select the shapes and use the shape builder tool to combine them by the dotted lines, so that it looks like;
  5. [Shape Builder Result]
  6. Change the shapes to desired color

enter image description here


Since in my example I had the swirls running the opposite direction, here it is in the correct direction (just join them in the other direction – or if it’s too late you can just reflect it)

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : shahz , Answer Author : WELZ

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