How to address a flaw in a client project

In a large company environment client projects are delegated to teams. That said, if your team is completing a website for a client and you happen to run across a large design and code issue but your team leader chooses to ignore it, how should you handle this? It would affect the whole team if it wasn’t addressed so should you just document the issue or address the issue to someone higher up?


Like Scott’s answer except for #1 point. Even though I think ‘a large design and code issue’ is somewhat subjective (large relative to what for example? does it touch client’s custom code or is it flaw in ‘core code-base’?) I would not touch it without clearance to do so. You might be 100% right, however you’re in a treacherous territory with this. It can take very little to spoil the environment you’re spending a lot of time in.

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