How to apply a texture to an image, making it look like it’s carved into the background’s texture? (Example given)

I stumbled upon this map, that has the description of being an aztec tomb:

Aztec tomb map

What I’m interested in is knowing how the images were converted to fit into the background and look like they’re actually carved into it, preserving the texture. Those images are icons from the game’s weapons, Worms Armageddon, and they look like this:

Worms Armageddon's weapon icons

I’ve searched for tutorials or other examples, but I haven’t found something that is quite what I’m looking for. I also tried to contact the map’s author, with no luck.


Check out my quick demo using Bevel & Emboss in the layer styles. Assuming you have larger assets, you can break up your shapes into multiple layers and apply the layer style to each of them for more depth/detail.

A thing to note: in the layers palette I have my fill set to 0. This keeps my layer styles visible, but hides the actual asset, since all we want is its shape. I find bevel & emboss works best when it is subtle. Too strong and it looks fake.

You can see my result in the red box, using very crude selections and that tiny sprite, it looks pretty similar to the source.

bevel and emboss

Source : Link , Question Author : oScarDiAnno , Answer Author : keith rodri

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