How to apply adjustment layer to layer with effects

I usually draw buttons using shape (filled layer and shape clipping mask) and couple of layer effects. I’d like to apply Hue adjustment to it to customize button color. The problem is when I select “Create clipping mask” on adjustment layer (so it affects only single layer) it doesn’t apply to layer effects (gradient overlay etc.). It just changes layer’s background color that is not actually visible. Here’s part of layers panel:

enter image description here

So how to make button color customizable? I’m using CS5.


In this case If you use Color overlay with the color you want and add Blend mode: color You will be able to achieve the same thing that you are trying to do with clipping mask.

Link to image.
enter image description here

Also, in some cases other Blend modes may give good results as well.

Also… you can do the same thing reversed ( without color overlay ) by just giving your Gradient Overlay a Blend mode. Luminosity works well if you give black and white gradient and colorful shape color. Other Blend modes might perform nicely in some cases with that as well..

When it comes to heavier editing you might want do use Layer mask.

  1. Make selection of the layer but clicking to its thumbnail while pressing Ctrl
  2. Add adjustment layer

Second one is the bottom part of the image which is essentially the same, but you don’t have to make million separate Layer masks

Link to image.
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Poma , Answer Author : Joonas

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