How to apply gradient tool to geometric shapes drawn with pen tool

I’ve drawn a geometric lion that I would like to apply a gold gradient to so that it fades from front to back, like the gazelle below.

However, whenever I use the gradient color on the lion, drawn using the pen tool, the below gradient happens.

I would assume it’s because of how I drew the lion with the pen, but I have no idea how to fix it.

gazelle - gradient

lion - sad gradient


In order to get a gradient to span across a collection of objects, the object must be filled paths. Gradients on strokes only have 3 options and they won’t ever “span” strokes.


Do this on a copy of the artwork if you wish to retain teh strokes for easier editing later.

  • Set the stroke to a flat color (Black)
  • Select all
  • choose Object > Expand
  • Then apply a gradient fill
  • Then use the Gradient Tool to click-drag across the shapes in order to make the gradient fill span the objects.

You can also group the strokes and then use the Appearance Panel to add a new fill to the group of strokes, set that fill as a gradient, and then use teh Gradient tool to span the fill across teh group.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chloe , Answer Author : Scott

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