How to apply Graphic Style correctly in Illustrator?

This is my first time to post a question. My question should be a best following to the answer below, but I cannot comment it because it requires 50 reputations (which I have only 1 as a newbie).

This regards to how to highlight text with background color in Illustrator.
My question is exactly as what @MartinBlick asked. By following @SOIA’s instruction, I can successfully make the appearance e.g. black text in yellow background. But when apply the Graphic Style to a new text object, it becomes a yellow block (without showing the text). I think the trick is the “Move new fill below characters” in @SOIA’s instruction, because when I clicked back the style of my first successful stance, the new fill becomes above characters again. It seems that the relative position of Fill and Character is not properly saved. Please correct me if I understand this wrongly.

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I did some tests to see if I could find out what you were talking about…

I figured it out. What you need to do is this…

  • Go into the flyout menu of the Graphic Styles Panel

  • Make sure that ‘Override Character Color’ is unchecked:

Graphic Styles flyout menu

Then apply your style…

Hope this helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Xianjun , Answer Author : BANG

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