How to apply horizontal kerning to all letters in the word at once without adjusting the spacing for each letter?

I am trying to increase the spacing between letters in a word in Inkscape (version 0.48) by using horizontal kerning. I am not able to select the entire word and apply the kerning value at once. I need to do it for each word in the letter. Is there a way to adjust the spacing for all the letters in the word at once?


Adjusting letter spacing is called tracking. 🙂 Hopefully this will help you find your answer if you ask elsewhere.

From the Inkscape Forum:

  1. Switch to the Text tool.
  2. Press Ctrl+a to select all of the text.
  3. Press Alt+> or Alt+< to adjust the tracking.

If < requires a modifier for your keyboard layout, remember to press the modifier key as well.

To adjust the vertical spacing, perform the first two steps as above, but use Ctrl+Alt+> and Ctrl+Alt+< instead.

Source : Link , Question Author : chanduc , Answer Author : Cai

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